Sportsicon, an NFT Platform Where Fans and Athletes Can Interact

A platform designed to connect fans

A platform designed to connect fans to exclusive content created by the greatest athletes of all time, SportsIcon is redefining the world of NFT and the Metaverse in the sports industry. This ecosystem is now seen by many as the future of this rapidly changing industry.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to grow at a rapid pace with new concepts. Non-fungible tokens, commonly referred to as NFTs, are one of the new digital assets that have attracted media and mainstream attention in recent months. This is mainly due to the unique form of NFTs, which can be used, without too many constraints, in digital arts, entertainment, gaming, and sports. Building on this new trend, SportsIcon is integrating the use of NFTs in the world of sports innovatively. The platform uses the Flow blockchain, created by Dapper Labs, and explicitly designed to use these non-fungible tokens.

Exclusive benefits for fans… 

SportsIcon aims to provide athletes, sports organizations, and teams with storefronts where they can create and sell their sports content to their fans in exchange for NFT. Those who wish to do so can access exclusive content such as tickets to actual sporting events, the ability to vote for theme song changes for their favourite clubs, and the choice of shirt colours. They will also have access to exclusive events such as webinars and exclusive interviews with famous athletes. 

A growing industry

SportsIcon has already collaborated with sports stars and brands such as Romelu Lukaku, Mike Vick, Lucha Libre, and the PUMAS club to create exclusive content for their fans. Backed by the sports industry giants, it has raised $5.5 million in 2021. SportsIcon has also sold 9,000 lion-themed NFTs, generating over $1.4 million in sales. These unique NFTs provide access to the SportsIcon Lion Club, an interactive sports community with real-world utilities such as exclusive access to sports game tickets and collectibles that can be resold within its large community. Through the ecosystem created by SportsIcon, people interested in the world of NFTs can access exclusive content from their favorite players and clubs while enjoying the benefits of a large virtual marketplace. 

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