Lou Macari, Forever With United

A player of great class

A player of great class, Luigi ‘Lou’ Macari has left his mark on the history of the English league with his technical quality. But beyond his performances, the Briton has won the hearts of Manchester United fans with his dedication and loyalty to the Red Devils’ shirt. Unconditional love for the best, but especially for the worst.

401 appearances and 97 goals – that’s all it took for Lou Macari to get his name in the Manchester United guestbook. In just 11 years (1973-1984), the Scottish footballer splashed his talent on the United games. A football full of freshness and vista, with his head held high, his sticks always in motion, and the thrill of every goal a treat. It’s simple; the Scotsman gave us a taste of pleasure every weekend in the four corners of England.

A dazzling start…

Recruited in 1973 for £200,000, Lou Macari, who was wowing everyone with Celtic Glasgow, arrived in Manchester 10 years after Pat Crerand, a Scottish footballer who strongly influenced his transfer negotiations. The Scot became an increasingly important part of Tommy Docherty’s squad despite being relegated to the second tier as the season progressed. He became a leader in the United squad and helped his teammates return to the top flight in 1975. A striker turned attacking midfielder, Lou Macari won the hearts of his managers and supporters in just a few years by establishing himself as a vital team member.

A sad but memorable end…

Unfortunately, separation is sometimes inevitable, even in the most passionate love stories. The romance between the Italian-born Scotsman and the Red Devils ended in 1982 when coach Ron Atkinson decided to cut Macari out of the team. With his playing time severely curtailed, he realized he no longer belonged and decided to bow out through the back door. He joined Swindon Town in July 1984 after a testimonial match in his honor. Despite this sad end and a less than stellar record, Lou Macari’s time at Manchester United is still remembered. Shortly after his retirement, he became a commentator for Sky Sports, Setanta Sports, and the official Manchester United television. Today, Lou Macari owns a restaurant near Old Trafford. He remains the symbol of the player who sacrificed everything for his beloved club.

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