Greg Norman, aka The Great White Shark

Golf legend and businessman Greg Norman stands out for his adventurous spirit and his champion’s mentality with his mantra “Attack life”!

A sports fanatic, Greg Norman, preferred surfing, rugby, and Australian football for a long time before taking up golf at the age of 16, where he went from a beginner’s handicap to a scratch player in just two years! A rare progression that augured well for his future success. An outstanding athlete and a competitor at heart, he ended up putting his ambition at the service of his business. After a string of successes on the green in his native country, the world was waiting for him, and he announced: “I’ll be a billionaire by the time I’m 30”. In 1995, he became the first player in history to earn $10 million in prize money during his career… 

A dozen companies in all sectors

An American journalist in 1981 nicknamed him the “Great White Shark,” a nickname that became his trademark when he was a club owner or in business. Eternally passionate, this friend of the greatest stars has always needed to move forward and conquer new sectors of activity. A formidable businessman, he has dabbled in every field: wine, clothing, restaurants, and real estate… a dozen companies around the world bear his name as part of the Greg Norman Company, which he heads as president and CEO. The world’s number one golfer for 331 weeks in the 1980s and 1990s now runs his $400 million business empire from Florida, USA… but he plans to move back to Australia in the coming years!

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