Tony Parker, also a business genius

After a 30-year career as a professional basketball player, Tony Parker became a remarkable businessman in 2019, with an estimated fortune of around 200 million euros.

The ace of the court, Tony Parker, owes his fortune to his exceptional career as a professional basketball player. TP signed his first professional contract at the age of 17 in France before being drafted by the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs have a reputation for agility, speed, and mental toughness. These are qualities he will use in business. The former Spurs point guard is, at 40, a real businessman who multiplies investments through his holding company Infinity Nine. A holding company that includes Infinity Nine Promotion, Infinity Nine Sports, and Infinity Nine Mountains. The former Charlotte Hornets player devotes most of his investments to sports. He is the majority shareholder and president of a basketball club (ASVEL de Villeurbanne, a pro-A basketball club) of a prestigious training center, the Tony Parker Academy, located in Lyon, France. He is also a shareholder in a notable sportech company, Vogo, the first European sportech company to go public. 

Boundless ambitions

The ambitious Parker has also injected his money into the fashion industry, with Peak creating his own sportswear brand, WAP TWO, part of whose profits are donated to various charities. Parker is also interested in film after co-producing The Birth of a Nation, a drama film created by Nate Parker in 2017. On the charity front, Parker is no stranger to running an event called Par Coeur Gala. The Par Coeur Gala is a charity gala organized by Tony Parker for over 10 years. Many celebrities gather every year in Lyon to share an exceptional evening where all the profits are donated to several charities!

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