Serena Ventures: The Committed Investment Fund of Serena Williams

Since 2014, the tennis star has been investing in start-ups with a clear goal: to bring new faces into this universe marked by diversity.

The activities of Serena Ventures began as somewhat of a secret nearly 5 years ago. Surrounded by a very feminine team, the champion created an inclusive business in line with her commitments to civil rights.

A social success…

Serena Williams says: she wants to give a chance to under-represented profiles in the financial world. On this point, the figures speak for themselves since 53% of the start-ups supported by Serena Ventures were founded by women. This is well above the global average, as only 20-25% of start-ups are founded by women entrepreneurs.

In terms of diversity, the efforts of the woman with 23 Grand Slam titles are also palpable. Nearly 47% of the founders are from the black community, and 12% are from the Latino community. In all, 76% of Serena Ventures’ portfolio is made up of minority individuals.

… and economics

The success of an investment fund is measured primarily by its financial results. And here, too, Serena Ventures stands out: out of a portfolio of some 60 companies, the fund has recorded 10 positive exits, including Olly (acquired by Unilever) and The Wing (valued at $165 million). Its latest big move is the valuation of Wondermind (a start-up co-managed by Selena Gomez) at $100 million. So for Serena, the conversion seems well underway.

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