Roger Federer: beyond sporting performance, marketing performance, and charity work

One of the world’s highest-paid sportsmen, earning almost 100 million euros a year, the Swiss tennis player has announced that he will end his professional career in September 2022. He is now going into business.

Roger Federer is the epitome of the sports entrepreneur, who has multiplied his sponsorships to make his assets grow thanks to his enormous international goodwill. His long partnership with Nike (20 years) and then with the Japanese brand Uniqlo in 2018, with which he signed a 10-year contract for 300 million euros. Federer is a great lover of fashion and owns six clothing brands and a brand of Swiss trainers called “On Running.”

In addition to the advertising contracts, which are a significant source of income, the newly retired player continues to influence international tennis with the Rod Laver Cup, a tennis competition created at the instigation of Roger Federer, which pits a selection of European players against the rest of the world. The former Swiss tennis player also heads a foundation in his name.

A foundation that focuses on education
According to the foundation’s declaration of intent: “Education enables children to take their future into their own hands and to be actors of their destiny.” For 18 years, the Foundation has been committed to ensuring that these children get a chance at a good education. The Foundation, administered by the player’s mother, Lynette Federer, a native of South Africa, has helped two million children and raised $52 million.

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