Steph Curry and his passion for digital and new technologies

Steph Curry, an emblematic NBA player, has commercialized an application dedicated to celebrities (cinema, song, TV, politics…) and sportsmen: Slyce. A platform that allows for the creation of more advanced links between a celebrity and his public. 

Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors star with 3 million followers, is interested in the relationships between celebrities and their fans and wants to give them more strength and authenticity. Invested in all the applications that allow him to be in direct contact with his fans, he wanted to have a solution that could extend their functions. Especially since he has noticed that once a large number of fans have reached a certain level of interaction, interactions diminish. So Curry co-founded Slyce, a start-up in Silicon Valley that wants to change how celebrities use their social media.

A partnership of personalities

To do so, he has teamed up with Bryant Barr and Jason Mayden (former director of innovation for digital sports at Nike) to launch his innovative solution. Curry’s former teammate at Davidson, Barr is the company’s CEO. The platform essentially acts as an intermediary between athletes and fans, helping the former sift through incoming traffic and also allowing them to deliver relevant content. 

Slyce’s technology development uses big data and machine learning to make the interaction process more automated and also allows athletes to publish content easily on a multitude of social platforms. 

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