Maria Sharapova gets involved in Web3 and NFT

The former tennis player intends to encourage women to follow her example and get involved in new technologies. 

The former tennis player retired in 2020. The investor plans to foray into the Web3 space and embrace the concepts around the convergence of social media, finance, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Maria Sharapova, the world’s highest-paid sportswoman for 11 consecutive years, has seen her knowledge of financial help increase her wealth (currently estimated to have a net worth of $180 million). 

Web3 could be an area where Sharapova could invest in the long term. Speaking at a Binance Blockchain Week event in Paris last October, Maria Sharapova said she believed NFTs could help increase fan engagement in the world of sports. The former Russian player has been looking at this world for several months now, which she sees as containing long-term opportunities with the possible bridges between physical and digital experiences. 

She said: “I am crypto-curious and would like to understand how to bridge the incredible physical experiences I have had with my fans for so many years. I am now finding ways to include experiences in the digital world, so that is what I am most passionate about. Also, as a female entrepreneur, I think it’s important to pave the way for other women to enter Web3. Money is a topic I don’t think we talk about enough as women.”

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